Welcome 2013!

I am approaching the year with loads of enthusiasm for bringing loads of wonderful things to your kitchen. So much is happening in the food world, and I am passionate about them all, so it’s hard to know where to begin. Attitudes toward food are moving in a positive direction as more and more jump on the wagon (tractor?) to better choices. With this in mind, I am constantly brainstorm new classes to offer to help you put the pieces together in your own kitchen. What would you like to see on the schedule? Eating locally and with the seasons remain my mantra and a direct way to achieving a wholesome diet of whole foods. Talented cooks are producing artisan products of all types using old-fashioned methods. Grains and greens are here to stay as we step outside the new found comfort of kale and quinoa.  Many are joining the DIY movement and finding the joys they offer beyond flavor and health.

In answer to many pleas for meal planning help, I introduce Nourish Sessions. For years, I’ve used a system for meal planning, shopping and feeding those I love on a budget. Little did I know my strategy would be of interest to anyone but me and I’ve realized there is a need for it. These sessions include three simple steps and after a bit of guidance and practice, easily evolve into a sanity savoir. In the coming weeks watch for a link to further illustrate how Nourish Sessions can develop into a tasty money saving lifestyle. Can’t wait? Is the pantry bare?  Contact me via email and let’s talk about how this woe can be made better sooner rather than later.

On a personal note, I’d like to share my New Year’s resolution of seeking enrichment.  I’ve challenged myself to host a party a month, or perhaps 13 in 2013, to surround myself with family and friends celebrating even the pedestrian.  Of course, the invitation list wouldn’t be complete without you! Watch for the Food Swap to make a return.  There may be a  outdoor kitchen merriment, an ice cream social, book signing, pie contest or potluck.  Who knows what I’ll cook up? Have I aroused some interest? Come to an event, and attend (at least) one of our fabulous classes. Become a pro meal planner, host a party and cook for those you love. Nourish your life.

Everyday I’m grateful my business allows me to do all sorts of wonderful things I like to think may make the world a bit better. In 2013, I can’t wait continue learning, cooking, and celebrating. Sharing and encouraging you.

I’ll be so happy to see you in my kitchen.

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